Our work goes on and we remain accessible

Of course we still want to know how the children and young people on the islands are doing. So if you have any questions for the Ombudsman for Children, please contact us by email. Even though we are working from home, we can still be reached as usual.
Are you a parent, a professional working in education, care or youth care, or a member of the police, for example, with questions or complaints about the situation of children or young people on the islands? If so, we would like to hear from you. 

Take good care of each other

For everyone on the islands: be good to each other. Especially now. Of course, we need to devote extra care and attention to the elderly and the sick. But now more than ever, the children of the Caribbean Netherlands need all the help they can get. These are difficult times for everyone, full of uncertainty. Parents are concerned about their health and their income. Now that most of the schools have closed their doors, children and young people suddenly find themselves spending most of the day at home with their parents or carers. That can lead to tension. And not all children have a laptop and internet access, which means they are unable to continue their lessons at home.  

It also means that children whose home situation is far from ideal can no longer go to school to escape their problems for a while. Children with parents who are getting divorced, parents with financial worries or children who are victims of domestic violence often have nowhere else to go.

On the islands too, some children have a tough time at home. They are extra vulnerable at a time like this. So please, take good care of each other.

- Margrite Kalverboer, Ombudsman for Children.

How can I contact the Ombudsman for Children team?

Email us at ombudswerk@dekinderombudsman.nl. We will respond as soon as possible.